Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vintage Trailer Art

Paige Bridges over at Vintage Trailer Art does some wonderful work with her paint brushes. She can dream up images with her older travel trailers in scenes that will put your mind at rest and ease. She collects all of the emotions and feelings to camping with your trailer. You can tell she has a passion for this type of lifestyle.

Take a few moments and check out her website and see what wonderful prints she has to offer. I noticed today that she has added a 2012 calendar of some of her popular prints. The price is a welcome site, too, at only $5.99. Most calendars I see nowadays are in the $15-$25 range. Outrageous. But she has other offerings for her prints and the Christmas cards are my favorite.
 Kinda makes you want to hitch up and go!

Even if you buy nothing, you will sure enjoy looking at her handiwork of blending RV-ing, the outdoors, and painting in a most beautiful product. Enjoy!

I have been home bound by my job (yes, believe it or not, some of us still enjoy working a little bit) and other duties around the house but I am planning a little getaway to the mountains in a couple of weeks so hopefully I will have something current to show you soon.


  1. I just love the nostalgia of those prints. They are reminders of a slower pace and more peaceful life.

  2. What fun art! I really like that Christmas card. I'll go look at her site.

  3. I can't even describe how much I enjoyed seeing those pictures. Like Carly Simon said, these are the good old days. But there's something about those days that was extra good. Take care.

  4. This art is rad. I can tell how much you truly love the outdoors.