Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Well, I went in for the surgery and everything seemed to go well. I went home after 4 nights in the hospital and felt great. But after the second day home, I noticed a fever, large bruising and other things that told me something wasn't right. I had caught an infection and it required a second invasive surgery which kept me in the hospital for 9 more nights. I was wallopped. I woke up to all kinds of tubes and wires coming out of me and was totally out of it. But, the good medical staff all across the board has been slowly and carefully been putting me back together. Now home, I am recovering slowly but steadily. Gaining strength and hoping I can recover sooner rather than later. My doctor tells me I am doing well and if I continue to do so, one final surgery will take place in October to reconnect my colon which will put an end to my colostomy bag, I hope.

Boy, you never appreciate your good health until is is gone. I now see disabled and handicapped people in a much more appreciative light because these people are warriors against pain, misery, depression and many other things that fill their world every day. I hope I can offer some help and encouragement to them. I see them every time I visit wound care: missing limbs, skin problems, breathing problems, and many other debilitating diseases. They still have their smile and they still have that drive to win and to do better and get well. Diabetes is by far the most common and hurtful disease I have seen at the wound care center. It is alarming for me to see so many young lives afflicted with diabetes.

Lots of friends and family have been great to help me in any way possible to recover. I am fortunate: many people I have seen have no one to rely upon for a helping hand at their home. The health care people I have encountered have been dedicated professionals and they seem to really love their job of helping patients get better. I am on my way.

I know you already know this but let me say it any way: "Take good care of your health! Take care of yourself so that some day you can help take care of someone who needs your assistance."

If all goes well, I do have a couple of short trips on the horizon that I want to take when I get strong enough; maybe mid August or September. I'll report back then.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Well, school is out and the kids are free again for a few months. I had another great school year with my 7th graders. They were wonderful and their parents are awesome. It feels great to finish a school year on a good feeling.

I haven't written this year because there is really not much exciting going on. No trips or travel adventures like the blog readers I enjoy every day. I sure enjoy reading about all the trips and travels these bloggers do and for the time being, I can only live out my hopes and dreams of such a lifestyle through their daily reports. So, thank you for blogging and giving us wannabe's something to dream about.

But today, my little trip was on my new bicycle trailer called Ride Kick. It is a little electric bike trailer that I bought myself last January and boy have I enjoyed every mile of that new trailer. It has a powerful little motor powered by a lithium battery. I can travel up to 20 miles per hour and I can get about 25-30 miles on a single charge. It pushes my bike and I use it for grocery trips, chores, recreation and just about anything I want. You can learn more about it at

I disconnect the trailer often when I want to ride for exercise. It is a win-win situation for me.

Today I took it on a 20 mile trip out to our local lake, Lake Nasworthy. Up until Memorial Day weekend, our community water supply was only about 12 months of water remaining and we had only about .8" of an inch of rain all of 2014. The drought that has been plaguing the Southwest for several years has been brutal.But then our prayers were answered when an unusual rain event brought in about 8-9 inches of rain and filled two of our lakes and helped 3 others become more healthy. Everything is green and beautiful. The plants and animals are happy as is everyone else. So, I went out to check things and the campgrounds and rivers are happy, happy, happy.

So, even though we are in the shadow of the Chihuahuan Desert, it is green and beautiful right now and our June temperatures have been cooler and more pleasant than usual. It was a great day to get up and get out.

I won't have much to blog about for a while because I will be undergoing colon surgery next week to correct problems I have been having with diverticulitis for a long time. The doctor tells me it will take a while to recover but I should be good to go by August and I will be a new man. She is a very encouraging and inspiring doctor and I am glad she is going to get me fixed up. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Hiking in Lost Maples

It is very peaceful and quiet at my campground here at South Llano River State Park. I have not heard peace and quiet like this in a while. I am enjoying it. No traffic noise, no sirens, no barking dogs all night. Just peace and quiet. A few campers walk by on a stroll through the campground. I noticed one site of tent campers were made up on a family of three generations: the kids were there, their parents and then the grandparents. They were having a great time just hiking, biking and hanging out. It was chilly in the mornings and warmer in the afternoons.

This day, I took a drive of about 80 miles down to Lost Maples, a state park member that protects this relic canyon of maples and other rare species of trees. Usually jam packed with peepers during the autumn, the winter visitors are few and far between. I took the Maples Trail which is only an introduction to the other many trails of the park. This morning, it was a kind of dreary, wet and cool day but it did not dampen my spirits for a nice winter hike among a beautiful forested canyon that had beautiful springs and flowing river.

It very much reminds me of McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains.

The drive to and from this park from my campsite is some of the most dramatic country I have ever seen in Texas. Wow! I am glad I did not try to pull my camper up and over these canyon walls. The road was beautifully engineered and the beautiful canyons were thickly forested with all kinds of brush and trees. They all looked very healthy to me considering the drought that has killed thousands of our beautiful Texas trees.

After my return trip to Junction, I stopped in at a local eatery that had been recommended to me: City Sweets, which is located on the town square. It is a very clean and affordable cafe specializing in freshly baked breakfast fare. It also has fresh lunch items that fits vegetarians and burger eaters. A nice and refreshing treat.
City Sweets Cafe
After a meal, it was time to head back to the park where I still had no neighbors in my vicinity of the campground. It is my little acre, at least for today.
After a meal, it wamy little acre, at least for today.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Time To go South

I'm typing from a phone so forgive my choppy message. 

Christmas was unusually great again this year. My family really loves a fine family Christmas gathering and we all had a great time. 

I decided to take a trip south where it was forecast to be warmer over the next week. South Llano River State Park is my destination. It was a perfect drive and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Lum's BBQ in Junction. They have made some welcome improvements. Very nice. 

I checked in to an almost empty campground and the greeter was helpful in getting me a site I would enjoy. 
More to come.

I hope you enjoyed a good Christmas, too.