Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summertime Visit Downtown

Private home on the Concho River.

The San Angelo Visitor Center

It has been a little cooler here in West Texas this summer. July was very dry as always but we've had some hit and miss showers in August with some pleasant temperatures. They are just perfect to set up for a walk downtown along the North Concho river in San Angelo.

The city has spent lots of time, money and energy revitalizing the river walk lately. They have been showing off much of their hard work in the last year and I must say it is a very nice attraction for locals and visitors alike.
Jogging & walking trails along the riverside.

The city sponsors a celebration of the rivers that joined together at the point that established our town which is very close to Fort Concho. River Fest will be in mid September.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Harper Park at Seymour Crossing

Out for a Sunday drive this afternoon to check out Harper Park, a county park in Tom Green County, Texas. It is off the beaten path and travelers would not even know it was there for them to use except I saw it on a printed map as a picnic day use area but in fact it has about a dozen electric and water connections. There is also a dump station on the site. The North Concho river provides decent fishing for the die hard angler on this hot summer day.

Here is a reference site.

There is a campground host and it is kinda an honor system arrangement. Very quiet and very shady among some of the sites. It does look like it could use a little tender loving care but this park is nothing to stay away from because it's location and basic amenities are just fine. At $20 a night, not a bad deal. A couple of cabins and community kitchen are available for rental. The restrooms and showers were nice and clean and open for use.

There are several picnic table scattered along the banks of the North Concho river. The tables and rest areas are perfectly located under large and healthy pecan trees. The afternoon breeze was an excellent air conditioner.

Even though the grass is dry and suffering from the long days of heat and drought, the park is a welcome break from road weary travelers. It is often patrolled by law enforcement because it is a great shady spot for them to park and take a break or catch up on paperwork.

You might give it a look if you are in the area.

Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Fun To Get Out And About

On our weekend trip to the Texas Hill Country, we stayed overnight in Fredericksburg. As always the town was packed with visitors and workers. Behind one of our favorite restaurants near downtown, we stumbled upon a large city block of small cabins, streams, water wheels and natural areas. There was not a living soul on the premises and there were no signs. No parking signs, no informations signs. Nothing except for the name of the cabin which was shown on each door and even it was discreet.

What a beautiful setting. Even though it was in the city, it seemed like it was miles away from civilization. We became curious about its purpose and so we walked a ways to ask a neighbor who was sitting outside with her dog.

The neighbor says the property is owned by a shoe company in San Antonio and uses it as a corporate retreat for its employees and stockholders and other important company people. It is not used by the general public. It is not fenced off and there are no 'keep out' signs so visitors can roam around.

Our purpose of our trip to San Antonio was to attend a surprise 65th birthday party for my brother. His wife had been carefully planning and organizing for a long time to pull this off and sure enough she did. He had a lot of old friends and family attend the brunch party and everyone had a great time including our 90 year old mother.

I enjoyed getting out of town and even though I had gotten tired during the days, I felt stronger because of the exercise required while traveling. Wearing a colon bag and maintaining it while traveling has been a chore and changing the dressing on the wound has also been a learning curve but I am getting stronger and glad to be able to get out and about.

How would you like to stay over night in this unique 2 story rock cabin?
The windmill actually pumped water when the wind blew enough.

The water wheel actually worked and it make great sounds as it creaked around.

Happy 65th birthday, brother!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Well, I went in for the surgery and everything seemed to go well. I went home after 4 nights in the hospital and felt great. But after the second day home, I noticed a fever, large bruising and other things that told me something wasn't right. I had caught an infection and it required a second invasive surgery which kept me in the hospital for 9 more nights. I was wallopped. I woke up to all kinds of tubes and wires coming out of me and was totally out of it. But, the good medical staff all across the board has been slowly and carefully been putting me back together. Now home, I am recovering slowly but steadily. Gaining strength and hoping I can recover sooner rather than later. My doctor tells me I am doing well and if I continue to do so, one final surgery will take place in October to reconnect my colon which will put an end to my colostomy bag, I hope.

Boy, you never appreciate your good health until is is gone. I now see disabled and handicapped people in a much more appreciative light because these people are warriors against pain, misery, depression and many other things that fill their world every day. I hope I can offer some help and encouragement to them. I see them every time I visit wound care: missing limbs, skin problems, breathing problems, and many other debilitating diseases. They still have their smile and they still have that drive to win and to do better and get well. Diabetes is by far the most common and hurtful disease I have seen at the wound care center. It is alarming for me to see so many young lives afflicted with diabetes.

Lots of friends and family have been great to help me in any way possible to recover. I am fortunate: many people I have seen have no one to rely upon for a helping hand at their home. The health care people I have encountered have been dedicated professionals and they seem to really love their job of helping patients get better. I am on my way.

I know you already know this but let me say it any way: "Take good care of your health! Take care of yourself so that some day you can help take care of someone who needs your assistance."

If all goes well, I do have a couple of short trips on the horizon that I want to take when I get strong enough; maybe mid August or September. I'll report back then.